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5000 Three Forms of Verb

S.No Base Form or 1st Form or Present or Infinitive Urdu Meaning Past Form or 2nd Form Past Participle or 3rd Form Third Person Singular or S/ES Form Progressive Form or ing Form or Present Participle
1 Abandon چھوڑ دینا Abandoned Abandoned Abandons Abandoning
2 Abase ذلیل کرنا Abased Abased Abases Abasing
3 Abash شرمندہ کرنا Abashed Abashed Abashes Abashing
4 Abate کم کرنا Abated Abated Abates Abating
5 Abbreviate چھوٹا کرنا Abbreviated Abbreviated Abbreviates Abbreviating
6 Abdicate دستبردار ہونا Abdicated Abdicated Abdicates Abdicating
7 Abduct اغوا کرنا Abducted Abducted Abducts Abducting
8 Aberate بھٹکنا Aberated Aberated Aberates Aberating
9 Aberrate گمراہ ہونا Aberrated Aberrated Aberrates Aberrating
10 Abet جُرم کی حوصلہ افزائی کرنا Abetted Abetted Abets Abetting
11 Abhor حقارت سے دیکھنا Abhorred Abhorred Abhors Abhorring
12 Abide برقرار رکھنا Abided/Abode Abided/Abode Abides Abiding
13 Abintestate وراثت حاصل کرنا Abintestated Abintestated Abintestates Abintestating
14 Abjure توبہ کرنا Abjured Abjured Abjures Abjuring
15 Ablegate ملک سےباہرنوکری کیلئےبھیجنا Ablegated Ablegated Ablegates Ablegating
16 Abnegate نفس کشی کرنا Abnegated Abnegated Abnegates Abnegating
17 Abolish منسوخ کرنا Abolished Abolished Abolishes Abolishing
18 Abominate سخت نفرت کرنا Abominated Abominated Abominates Abominating
19 Abort اسقاط ہونا Aborted Aborted Aborts Aborting
20 Abound کثرت سے ہونا Abounded Abounded Abounds Abounding
21 Abrade رگڑنا Abraded Abraded Abrades Abrading
22 Abridge مختصر کرنا Abridged Abridged Abridges Abridging
23 Abrogate ترک کرنا Abrogated Abrogated Abrogates Abrogating
24 Abscind عمل جراحی کرنا Abscinded Abscinded Abscindes Abscinding
25 Abscond روپوش ہونا Absconded Absconded Abscondes Absconding
26 Absolve چھوڑنا Absolved Absolved Absolves Absolving
27 Absonate باز رہنا Absonated Absonated Absonates Absonating
28 Absorb جذب کر لینا Absorbed Absorbed Absorbs Absorbing
29 Abstain پرہیز کرنا Abstained Abstained Abstains Abstaining
30 Absterge صاف کرنا Absterged Absterged Absterges Absterging
31 Abstract نکالنا Abstracted Abstracted Abstracts Abstracting
32 Abuse گالی دینا Abused Abused Abuses Abusing
33 Abut ہم سرحدہونا Abutted Abutted Abuts Abutting
34 Accede منظور کرنا Acceded Acceded Accedes Acceding
35 Accelerate جلدی کرنا Accelerated Accelerated Accelerates Accelerating
36 Accent لہجہ کےساتھ تلفظ درست کرنا Accented Accented Accents Accenting
37 Accept قبول کرنا Accepted Accepted Accepts Accepting
38 Access رسائی ہونا Accessed Accessed Accesses Accessing
39 Acclaim خوش آمدید کہنا Acclaimed Acclaimed Acclaims Acclaiming
40 Acclimate آب وہواکا راس آجانا Acclimated Acclimated Acclimates Acclimating
41 Acclimatize عادی ہونا Acclimatized Acclimatized Acclimatizes Acclimatizing
42 Accommodate موافق کرنا Accommodated Accommodated Accommodates Accommodating
43 Accompany ہمراہ ہونا Accompanied Accompanied Accompanies Accompanying
44 Accomplish انجام دینا Accomplished Accomplished Accomplishes Accomplishing
45 Accord ساتھ دینا Accorded Accorded Accords According
46 Accost بولنا Accosted Accosted Accosts Accosting
47 Account وجہ بتانا /کھاتہ Accounted Accounted Accounted Accounting
48 Accouter سپاہی کو مسلح کرنا Accoutered Accoutered Accouters Accoutering
49 Accoy نرم کرنا Accoyed Accoyed Accoys Accoying
50 Accredit منسوب کرنا Accredited Accredited Accredits Accrediting
51 Accroach ہتھیالینا/مداخلت کرنا Accroached Accroached Accroaches Accroaching
52 Accrue بڑھانا Accrued Accrued Accrues Accruing
53 Accumulate اکھٹا کرنا Accumulated Accumulated Accumulates Accumulating
54 Accurse کوسنا Accursed Accursed Accurses Accursing
55 Accuse الزام لگانا Accused Accused Accuses Accusing
56 Accustom عادت ڈالنا Accustomed Accustomed Accustoms Accustoming
57 Acerbate مشتعل کرنا Acerbated Acerbated Acerbates Acerbating
58 Acetify تُرش کرنا Acetified Acetified Acetifies Acetifying
59 Ache درد کرنا Ached Ached Aches Aching
60 Achieve حاصل کرنا Achieved Achieved Achieves Achieving
61 Achromatize بےرنگ کرنا Achromatized Achromatized Achromatizes Achromatizing
62 Acidify کھٹاکرنا/تیزاب سازی کرنا Acidified Acidified Acidifies Acidifying
63 Acknowledge تسلیم کرنا Acknowledged Acknowledged Acknowledges Acknowledging
64 Acquaint مطلع کرنا Acquainted Acquainted Acquaints Acquainting
65 Acquiesce راضی کرنا Acquiesced Acquiesced Acquiesces Acquiescing
66 Acquire حاصل کرنا Acquired Acquired Acquires Acquiring
67 Acquit رہا کرنا Acquited Acquited Acquits Acquiting
68 Act عمل کرنا Acted Acted Acts Acting
69 Activate چلانا Activated Activated Activates Activating
70 Actualize جیتا جاگتا بنا کر پیش کرنا Actualized Actualized Actualizes Actualizing
71 Actuate شہ دینا Actuated Actuated Actuates Actuating
72 Acuminate نوکداربنانا Acuminated Acuminated Acuminates Acuminating
73 Adapt مطابق کرنا Adapted Adapted Adapts Adapting
74 Adaunt مطیع کرنا Adaunted Adaunted Adaunts Adaunting
75 Adaw دھمکانا Adawed Adawed Adaws Adawing
76 Add اضافہ کرنا Added Added Adds Adding
77 Addict عادت ڈالنا Addicted Addicted Addicts Addicting
78 Addle بوکھلاجانا Addled Addled Addles Addling
79 Address خطاب کرنا Addressed Addressed Addresses Addressing
80 Adduce دلیل یاثبوت پیش کرنا Adduced Adduced Adduces Adducing
81 Adduct اعصاب کامرکزکی طرف کھینچنا Adducted Adducted Adducts Adducting
82 Adhere چپک جانا Adhered Adhered Adheres Adhering
83 Adhibit مان لینایانذرکرنا Adhibited Adhibited Adhibits Adhibiting
84 Adject ملانا Adjected Adjected Adjects Adjecting
85 Adjoin جوڑنا Adjoined Adjoined Adjoins Adjoining
86 Adjourn ملتوی کرنا Adjourned Adjourned Adjourns Adjourning
87 Adjudge فیصلہ کرنا Adjudged Adjudged Adjudges Adjudging
88 Adjudicate عدالتی حکم دینا Adjudicated Adjudicated Adjudicates Adjudicating
89 Adjure حلف لینایا دینا Adjured Adjured Adjures Adjuring
90 Adjust Adjusted Adjusted Adjusts Adjusting
91 Adjutate امدادکرنا Adjutated Adjutated Adjutates Adjutating
92 Admeasure طول وعرض معلوم کرنا Admeasured Admeasured Admeasures Admeasuring
93 Administrate انتظام کرنا Administrated Administrated Administrates Administrating
94 Admire تعریف کرنا Admired Admired Admires Admiring
95 Admit داخل کرنا Admited Admited Admits Admiting
96 Admix آمیزش کرنا Admixed Admixed Admixes Admixing
97 Admonish ہدایت کرنا Admonished Admonished Admonishes Admonishing
98 Admove آگےحرکت کرنا Admoved Admoved Admoves Admoving
99 Adopt گود لینا Adopted Adopted Adopts Adopting
101 Adorn سجانا Adorned Adorned Adorns Adorning
102 Adsorb یک جا کرنا Adsorbed Adsorbed Adsorbs Adsorbing
103 Adulate خوشامد کرنا Adulated Adulated Adulates Adulating
104 Adulterate ملاوٹ کرنا Adulterated Adulterated Adulterates Adulterating
105 Adumbrate خاکہ تیارکرنا Adumbrated Adumbrated Adumbrates Adumbrating
106 Advance آگے بڑھنا/ ادھارلینا Advanced Advanced Advances Advancing
107 Advantage فائدہ اٹھانا Advantaged Advantaged Advantages Advantaging
108 Adventure جرات کرنا Adventured Adventured Adventures Adventuring
109 Advert ذکر کرنا Adverted Adverted Adverts Adverting
110 Advertise اشتہار دینا Advertised Advertised Advertises Advertising
111 Advise نصیحت کرنا Advised Advised Advises Advising
112 Advocate وکالت کرنا Advocated Advocated Advocates Advocating
113 Aerate ہوا بھرنا Aerated Aerated Aerates Aerating
114 Aerify ہوا بھرنا Aerified Aerified Aerifies Aerifying
115 Aestivate گرمی سو کرگزارنا Aestivated Aestivated Aestivates Aestivating
116 Affect دل میں اتر جانا Affected Affected Affects Affecting
117 Affiance منگنی ہونا Affianced Affianced Affiances Affiancing
118 Affiliate الحاق کرنا Affiliated Affiliated Affiliates Affiliating
119 Affirm دعوی سے کہنا Affirmed Affirmed Affirms Affirming
120 Affix ملانا Affixed Affixed Affixws Affixing
121 Afflict ایذا پہچانا Afflicted Afflicted Afflicts Afflicting
122 Afforce بڑھانا Afforced Afforced Afforces Afforcing
123 Afford مالی طاقت رکھنا Afforded Afforded Affords Affording
124 Afforest شجرکاری کرنا Afforested Afforested Afforests Afforesting
125 Affranchise غلامی یا قرض سےچھڑانا Affranchised Affranchised Affranchises Affranchising
126 Affright خوف ذدہ ہونا Affrighted Affrighted Affrights Affrighting
127 Affront بےعزتی کرنا Affronted Affronted Affronts Affronting
128 Affuse چھڑکنا Affused Affused Affuses Affusing
129 Agglutinate چپکانا Agglutinated Agglutinated Agglutinates Agglutinating
130 Aggrandize وسیع کرنا/ترقی دینا Aggrandized Aggrandized Aggrandizes Aggrandizing
131 Aggravate ذیادہ کرنا Aggravated Aggravated Aggravates Aggravating
132 Aggregate اکٹھا کرنا Aggregated Aggregated Aggregates Aggregating
133 Aggress جھگڑاچھیڑنا Aggressed Aggressed Aggresses Aggressing
134 Aggrieve دکھ پہچانا Aggrieved Aggrieved Aggrieves Aggrieving
135 Agitate ہلچل پیدا کرنا Agitated Agitated Agitates Agitating
136 Agonize تکلیف دینا Agonized Agonized Agonizes Agonizing
137 Agree اتفاق کرنا Agreed Agreed Agrees Agreeing
138 Aid امداد کرنا Aided Aided Aids Aiding
139 Ail علیل ہونا Ailed Ailed Ails Ailing
140 Aim نشانہ باندھنا/ارادہ کرنا Aimed Aimed Aims Aiming
141 Air پھیلانایاسکھانا Aired Aired Airs Airing
142 Airlift جہاز کے ذریعے لے جانا Airlifted Airlifted Airlifts Airlifting
143 Alarm چوکس کرنا Alarmed Alarmed Alarms Alarming
144 Albumenize تصویروں کوچمکداربنان Albumenized Albumenized Albumenizes Albumenizing
145 Alert ہوشیارہونا Alerted Alerted Alerts Alerting
146 Alien بیگانہ کرنا Aliened Aliened Aliens Aliening
147 Alienate منحرف کرنا Alienated Alienated Alienates Alienating
148 Alight سواری سے اترنا Alighted Alighted Alights Alighting
149 Align ایک خط میں لانا Aligned Aligned Aligns Aligning
150 Aliment کھانےکپڑےکابندوبست کرنا Alimented Alimented Aliments Alimenting
151 Allay دھیما کرنا Allayed Allayed Allays Allaying
152 Allege الزام لگانا Alleged Alleged Alleges Alleging
153 Alleviate ہلکا کرنا/ کم کرنا Alleviate Alleviate Alleviate Alleviate
154 Alliterate حرفی یا لفظی بنانا Alliterated Alliterated Alliterates Alliterating
155 Allocate مقرر کرنا Allocated Allocated Allocates Allocating
156 Allot بانٹنا Allotted Allotted Allots Allotting
157 Allow اجازت دینا Allowed Allowed Allows Allowing
158 Allude اشاروں میں کہنا Alluded Alluded Alludes Alluding
159 Allure موہ لینا Allured Allured Allures Alluring
160 Ally متفق کرنا Allied Allied Allies Allying
161 Alter تبدیل کرنا Altered Altered Alters Altering
162 Altercate لڑائی جھگڑاکرنا Altercated Altercated Altercates Altercating
163 Alternate دل بدل کرنا Alternated Alternated Alternates Alternating
164 Amalgamate آمیزش کرنا Amalgamated Amalgamated Amalgamates Amalgamating
165 Amass جمع کرنا Amassed Amassed Amasses Amassing
166 Amaze حیران کرنا Amazed Amazed Amazes Amazing
167 Amble مزےمزےسےچلنا Ambled Ambled Ambles Ambling
168 Ambuscade تاک/گھاٹ لگانا Ambuscaded Ambuscaded Ambuscades Ambuscading
169 Ambush گھات لگاکرحملہ کرنا Ambushed Ambushed Ambushes Ambushing
170 Ameliorate اصلاح کرنا/سدھارنا Ameliorated Ameliorated Ameliorates Ameliorating
171 Amend سیدھی راہ پر لانا Amended Amended Amends Amending
172 Amount میزان لگانا Amounted Amounted Amounts Amounting
173 Amplify طول دینا Amplified Amplified Amplifies Amplifying
174 Amputate کاٹ دینا Amputated Amputated Amputates Amputating
175 Amuse دلچسپی پیدا کرنا Amused Amused Amuses Amusing
176 Analogize مثال دینا Analogized Analogized Analogizes Analogizing
177 Analye تجزیہ کرنا Analyed Analyed Analyes Analying
178 Anchor لنگر پھیکنا Anchored Anchored Anchors Anchoring
179 Anger غصہ کرنا Angered Angered Angers Angering
180 Angle کانٹےسےمچھلی پکڑنا Angled Angled Angles Angling
181 Anglicize انگریزی بنانا Anglicized Anglicized Anglicizes Anglicizing
182 Anguish برالگنا Anguished Anguished Anguishes Anguishing
183 Animadvert موردالزام قراردینا Animadverted Animadverted Animadverts Animadverting
184 Animate حرکت پیدا کرنا Animated Animated Animates Animating
185 Annex ساتھ ملانا Annexed Annexed Annexes Annexing
186 Annihilate فنا کر دینا Annihilated Annihilated Annihilates Annihilating
187 Annotate کتاب کی تفصیل لکھنا Annotated Annotated Annotates Annotating
188 Announce اعلان کرنا Announced Announced Announces Announcing
189 Annoy ناراض کرنا Annoyed Annoyed Annoys Annoying
190 Annul منسوخ کرنا Annulled Annulled Annuls Annulling
191 Anoint مخصوص کر نا Anointed Anointed Anoints Anointing
192 Answer جواب دینا Answered Answered Answers Answering
193 Antagonize مخالفت کرنا Antagonized Antagonized Antagonizes Antagonizing
194 Antedate پچھلی تاریخ ڈالنا Antedated Antedated Antedates Antedating
195 Anticipate پیش بینی کرنا Anticipated Anticipated Anticipates Anticipating
196 Antiquate پرانا قرار دینا Antiquated Antiquated Antiquates Antiquating
197 Ape نقل اُتارنا Aped Aped Apes Aping
198 Apocopate حذف کرنا Apocopated Apocopated Apocopates Apocopating
199 Apologize معذرت کرنا Apologized Apologized Apologizes Apologizing
200 Appall ڈرانا Appalled Appalled Appalls Appalling
201 Appeal فریاد کرنا Appealed Appealed Appeals Appealing
202 Appear نمایاں ہونا Appeared Appeared Appears Appearing
203 Appease رفع کرنا Appeased Appeased Appeases Appeasing
204 Append ملحق کرنا Appended Appended Appends Appending
205 Appertain تعلق رکھنا Appertained Appertained Appertains Appertaining
206 Appetize رغبت دلانا Appetized Appetized Appetizes Appetizing
207 Applaud تالی بجانا Applauded Applauded Applauds Applauding
208 Apply درخواست دینا Applied Applied Applies Applying
209 Appoint تعینات کرنا Appointed Appointed Appoints Appointing
210 Apportion حصہ دینا Apportioned Apportioned Apportions Apportioning
221 Approximate لگ بھگ ہونا Approximated Approximated Approximates Approximating
222 Arbitrate ثالثی کرنا Arbitrated Arbitrated Arbitrates Arbitrating
223 Archive دستاویز محفو ظ کرنا Archived Archived Archives Archiving
224 Argue دلیل دینا Argued Argued Argues Arguing
225 Arise چڑھنا Arised Arised Arises Arising
226 Arm مسلح کرنا Armed Armed Arms Arming
227 Arouse جگانا Aroused Aroused Arouses Arousing
228 Arraign نقص نکالنا Arraigned Arraigned Arraigns Arraigning
229 Arrange ترتیب دینا Arranged Arranged Arranges Arranging
230 Array لباس پہننا/صف Arrayed Arrayed Arrays Arraying
231 Arrest گرفتار کرنا Arrested Arrested Arrests Arresting
232 Arrive آنا Arrived Arrived Arrives Arriving
233 Arrogate ہاتھ میں لینا Arrogated Arrogated Arrogates Arrogating
234 Articulate صاف تلفظ سے بولنا Articulated Articulated Articulates Articulating
235 Ascend ُوپر جانا Ascended Ascended Ascends Ascending
236 Ascertain پتہ چلانا Ascertained Ascertained Ascertains Ascertaining
237 Ascribe منسو ب کرنا Ascribed Ascribed Ascribes Ascribing
238 Ask پوچھنا Asked Asked Asks Asking
239 Asperate ناہموار کرنا Asperated Asperated Asperates Asperating
240 Asperse تہمت لگانا Aspersed Aspersed Asperses Aspersing
241 Aspirate مائع کشی کرنا Aspirated Aspirated Aspirates Aspirating
242 Aspire آرزو کرنا Aspired Aspired Aspires Aspiring
243 Assail حملہ کرنا Assailed Assailed Assails Assailing
244 Assassinate دھوکےسے قتل کرنا Assassinated Assassinated Assassinates Assassinating
245 Assault حملہ کرنا Assaulted Assaulted Assaults Assaulting
246 Assay پرکھنا Assayed Assayed Assays Assaying
247 Assemble جمع کرنا Assembled Assembled Assembles Assembling
248 Assent رضامند ہونا Assented Assented Assents Assenting
249 Assert وثوق سے کہنا Asserted Asserted Asserts Asserting
250 Assess تشخیض کرنا Assessed Assessed Assesses Assessing
251 Asseverate حتمی طور پرکہنا Asseverated Asseverated Asseverates Asseverating
252 Assign سپرد کرنا Assigned Assigned Assigns Assigning
253 Assimilate ذہن نشین کرنا Assimilated Assimilated Assimilates Assimilating
254 Assist اعانت کرنا Assisted Assisted Assists Assisting
255 Associate تعلق جاننا Associated Associated Associates Associating
256 Assort قسمیں الگ Assorted Assorted Assorts Assorting
257 Assuage تخفیف کرنا Assuaged Assuaged Assuages Assuaging
258 Assume فرض کرنا Assumed Assumed Assumes Assuming
259 Assure یقین دلانا Assured Assured Assures Assuring
260 Astonish حیرت میں ڈالنا Astonished Astonished Astonishs Astonishing
261 Astound ہکابکا کرنا Astounded Astounded Astounds Astounding
262 Astrict مضبوط باندھنا Astricted Astricted Astricts Astricting
263 Astringe جکڑنا Astringed Astringed Astringes Astringing
264 Atomize تقسیم ذرات میں تبدیل کرنا Atomized Atomized Atomizes Atomizing
265 Atone تاوان بھرنا Atoned Atoned Atones Atoning
266 Attach نتھی کرنا Attached Attached Attaches Attaching
267 Attack حملہ کرنا Attacked Attacked Attacks Attacking
268 Attain حاصل کرنا Attained Attained Attains Attaining
269 Attempt کوشش کرنا Attempted Attempted Attempts Attempting
270 Attend حاضر ہونا Attended Attended Attends Attending
271 Attenuate گھٹانا Attenuated Attenuated Attenuates Attenuating
272 Attest تصدیق کرنا Attested Attested Attests Attesting
273 Attire پوشاک پہننا Attired Attired Attires Attiring
274 Attitudinize بناوٹ سے بولنا Attitudinized Attitudinized Attitudinizes Attitudinizing
275 Attorn قانونی طور پرمنتقل کرنا Attorned Attorned Attorns Attorning
276 Attract کھینچنا Attracted Attracted Attracts Attracting
277 Attribute صفت بیان کرنا Attributed Attributed Attributes Attributing
278 Attune سُرملانا Attuned Attuned Attunes Attuning
279 Auction نیلام کرنا Auctioned Auctioned Auctions Auctioning
280 Audit پڑتال کرنا Audited Audited Audits Auditing
281 Audition آواز کا امتحان لینا Auditioned Auditioned Auditions Auditioning
282 Augment اضافہ کرنا Augmented Augmented Augments Augmenting
283 Augur پیش گوئی کرنا Augured Augurded Augurs Auguring
284 Authenticate تصدیق کرنا Authenticated Authenticated Authenticates Authenticating
285 Authorize اختیار دینا Authorized Authorized Authorizes Authorizing
286 Autograph قلمی تحریر دینا Autographed Autographed Autographs Autographing
287 Automate خود کار بنا دینا Automated Automated Automates Automating
288 Avail فائدہ دینا Availed Availed Avails Availing
289 Avalanche برفانی تودہ گرنا Avalanched Avalanched Avalanches Avalanching
290 Avenge انتقام لینا Avenged Avenged Avenges Avenging
291 Avert ہٹانا Averted Averted Averts Averting
292 Aviate طیارہ اُڑانا Aviated Aviated Aviates Aviating
293 Advocate کسی بات کی وکالت کرنا Advocated Advocated Advocates Advocating
294 Avoid گریز کرنا Avoided Avoided Avoids Avoiding
295 Avouch یقین سے کہنا Avouched Avouched Avouches Avouching
296 Avow اعتراف کرنا Avowed Avowed Avows Avowing
297 Await انتظار کرنا Awaited Awaited Awaits Awaiting
298 Awake بیدار ہونا Awoke Awoken Awakes Awaking
299 Awaken جاگ پڑنا Awakened Awakened Awakens Awakening
300 Award انعام ملنا Awarded Awarded Awards Awarding
301 Azotize نائٹروجن سےملانا Azotized Azotized Azotizes Azotizing